Our turntables allow you to listen to your record collection the way it was meant to be heard. Inspired by classic design using the latest technology to bring your LPs to life. Catering for all record sizes and speeds, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.


  Speakers are a must have for any modern home, allowing you to play music from anywhere in your home using Google Cast or Spotify Connect. All speakers in the house can unite to produce an immersive listening experience. Also available are smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa which give you access to all the…


  While some of our designs may look retro but they are packed with modern features such as larger LCD displays for ease of viewing, colour screens and recognisable icons and even pre-set audio equalised for best sound performance out of the box. We work with innovative chipset manufactures and can add or develop additional…

Echo Dot Speakers

  We love the Amazon Echo Dot but our range of speakers are designed to make it even better, from adding premium more powerful speaker drivers to high capacity rechargeable batteries, we help you get the most out of Alexa.